Chinese Wedding Dresses

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One of the foremost outstanding options of a Chinese wedding is that the wedding gown, or ought to we are saying dresses — with a plural.

The color red is taken into account sensible luck, a robust color which will keep evil spirits. the normal Chinese wedding gown in northern China sometimes is one-piece frock named ch’i Pao, adorned with elaborate gold and silver styles. Brides from southern China sometimes wear two-piece dress named Qun Gua, Niger-Congo or Cheongsam, conjointly intricately adorned with golden phoenix and dragon.

Chinese Wedding Dresses

These days a number of the foremost exclusive wedding style includes pricey and precious work of gold and silver thread all across the borders. ball-hawking craftsmen area unit employed to impart inventive embroidery work with these gold and silver threads. ch’i Pao may be a one-piece frock that’s the selection of young age brides in China. ancient wedding dresses embody two-piece dress named as Gua, Niger-Congo or the Chengsam. These dresses area unit principally outstanding in brides from southern China.

In more trendy Chinese weddings of late, it’s commonplace to search out Chinese ladies wearing a conventional Western white robe. tho’ the colour white is related to death, the acceptance of this follow shows the growing influence of alternative cultures on the Chinese. throughout a contemporary marriage ceremony, it’s not uncommon for the bride to vary her outfit 3 or additional times throughout the night. The additional dresses, the additional outstanding the family. Most of the dresses worn of late arise from the Manchu, the last folk of China and area unit known as ch’i Pao.

Chinese Wedding Dresses

In this world of modernization, individuals do not favor to follow all the culture and rituals in and of itself even the Chinese bride might be generally seen in western outfit of white robe with a shawl and a proper black suit.


Art Textile

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Find novelty and fantastic from art textile

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How to Make Your Motorcycle Jacket Look More Interesting?

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Few would debate the fact that our collective unconscious unquestioningly identifies leather with anarchistic rebellion or intimidating toughness. The fashion trends in the mainstream culture are often inspired by the stylish trends initiated by celebrities and fashion designers. If you are a die-hard observer of fashionable biker wear, you have probably taken a close look at the gorgeous images of Fergie and Kristen Stewart in sumptuous black leather jackets.

If you want to add an eccentric look to your persona, you can wear several accessories with your motorcycle jacket. These accessories will make your motorcycle jacket look more appealing thereby projecting a more vibrant and fashionable you! Highlighted below are some of the tips that will make your biker jacket look exceptionally fashionable!

a) If you know the trick of how to achieve perfect color coordination between your motorcycle jacket and other accessories, you are a few meager steps away from becoming a freelance designer. The soft, buttery richness of the jacket would look charming with a brightly colored dress. Additionally, if you plan on going to a formal party or a dinner engagement, your cropped leather jacket would look elegant with a cocktail dress and high heel stilettos.

For professional and amateur female bikers, biker jackets fitted with heavy-duty protector inserts especially in the shoulder, spine and elbow regions will serve as the most viable option. On the contrary, females who want to wear a motorcycle jacket as part of their everyday attire can flash a truly dazzling look by wearing this apparel item with a mini-skirt, short dress, laced dress or a plaid skirt. To attain that timeless sleek look, it is recommended that you wear knee-high black colored stockings underneath your dress or skirt.

If you prefer casual attire as opposed to the more sophisticated designer outlook, you can wear your black or red colored bike jacket with a baggy T-shirt and a pair of fashionable sunglasses. However, make sure that you opt for a form-fitting jacket since a baggy or ill-fitted leather jacket will give you a disheveled, untidy appearance!

b) For fashion divas interested in generating that eye-popping look, women’s motorcycle jackets can be suitably combined with a number of attractive garment items such as ripped jeans, skinny jeans, black tights or wide leg trousers. If you fancy wearing your biker jacket in the fall, it would look spectacular with red or beige colored pumps.

If you have a creative spark, you can liven up your outfit by making use of some bold make up tips such as wearing siren red lipstick and painting your nails black. For those of you who can afford extravagant jewelry, a jewel encrusted bracelet or gold- plated necklace or chain would serve to intensify the alluring aura of your leather jacket!


Wedding Dress Skirt Styles

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When you become engaged one of the first things on your mind is the type of bridal gown you imagine yourself wearing down the aisle to exchange your vows with your partner. However with so many different types of wedding dresses to choose from it is hardly surprising that it can all feel a bit overwhelming. Walking into a bridal store and seeing rows and rows of dresses can you make you wonder where to begin in your search for your perfect dress.

Before you set off shopping it is advisable to do a little research beforehand so you have an idea of the type of dresses you like. The internet and the bridal wear magazines are an excellent tool for looking at varying styles. Print or cut them out to take along to your appointments to provide your sales assistants with some starting ground. They will know what they have in stock and with their wealth of experience they will know what styles suit your body shape. If they select a dress that you are not sure of don’t disregard it. Many wedding dresses look very different on to how they look on the hanger and often a bride will end up purchasing a wedding dress that she never anticipated wearing. Below are the most popular skirt shapes and their definitions to provide you with some helpful knowledge of the world of the wedding dresses and what would be most flattering on your individual shape.

Ball Gown – the fairytale bridal gown. This look is very flattering on many brides when worn with the right bodice. Hiding the body from the waist down, the skirt can be made fuller by wearing a hooped skirt underneath – the more hoops the bigger it will be.

A Line – A look chosen by many brides, the classic A line has a slight kick to the skirt. You can choose to make it wider with an under-skirt or hoop. It’s a good choice of gown to hide larger hips yet creates an illusion of curves for those with none.

Princess – This gown features a snug fitted bodice and waist and an A Line skirt. As this gives an illusion of height it is ideal for petite brides and fuller figured brides.

Drop-waisted – Another good choice for smaller statured ladies this skirt style has an horizontal waist which sits just a few inches below your natural waistline. As the skirt kicks out from the hips it elongates the upper half of the body creating an even balance.

Asymmetrical – One sided asymmetrical wedding dresses can be in the neckline, waistline and the hem-line too. A very modern and contemporary gown that is suited to many body shapes.

Fishtail and Mermaid – If you want to flaunt your curves then this is the gown for you. They are both very fitted wedding dresses at the waist and hips with skirt kicking out from around the knee downwards. The fishtail also features a small train.

Empire – This wedding dress has a very high waist that falls from underneath the bust. A great look for pear shapes, expectant and petite brides this shape elongates the body putting emphasis on the bust-line.

Now all you need to do is decide what shape you like or if you prefer have an unstructured gown that falls naturally. Have fun choosing, the decision is yours.


How to Knit a Sweater for Beginners

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If you want to knit a sweater, you have to know how to knit a pattern of the sweater of course.

Before knitting the pattern, you need to know some basic steps:

Cast on

Here is where knitting begin, a cast-on is basically create loops around the needle.

Knit rows

This is the part where the knitting project start getting shape, knit rows consist of forming the stitches.

Bind off

~The grand finale! Binding off is the last part of a knitting project, when the last row of your pattern is finished, you will have to get your project away from the needles, and binding off is the technique you use to do that.

Those are the tree basic things you need to know, to complete any knitting project.

Now, about the materials to knit a sweater, you will need a Needle of course, you canĀ“t knit with your hands,,. and more materials such as:

Bulky Yarn:

A yarn is that long continuous thread people use for knitting, crocheting, and sewing. Why use a bulky Yarn? Because is great for quick projects and larger projects where you need fast results. The best part of bulky yarn is that is very easy to work with, which means is optimal for beginners.

Stitch Holders:

Stitch Holders are tools that are used to hold open stitches, when not being used by the needles.

If you are knitting and you want to make a pause and continue the project later, you have to use a stitch holder. Basically this tool is used to save a project for later. It is also useful to recover needles that are in use, if you need them for something else.

Stitch holders can be used when finishing a side of the sweater, and preparing for the Kitchener stitch.

Stitch Markers:

Stitch markers are little round items that could be slipped onto the knitting needle to mark a place in a row. Stitch markers are commonly used to mark the end of a row in circular knitting. They can also be used to mark where increases, decreases or blocks of different stitches should be placed.

After you got all the materials, there are still one important thing you need to know, you have to familiarize yourself with any pattern snitches, with alternating between colors and carrying the yarns along as you are making the sweater.

Different types of knitting Stitches Patterns:

Knit & Purl

Eyelet & Lace

Cables & Twists

Rib Stitches

Stockinette stitch

Garter Stitch

Moss stich

Cable knitting stitches

Nupps stitches

Slip stitches

Knitting it’s not something that difficult, you only need some practice to make beautiful projects. Explaining how to knit only by words it’s very difficult, but if you find the right instructional videos, people to discuss with or a knitting teacher is way easier to learn.


Multi-Purpose Sheer Window Curtains for Your Home

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When a person enters a room, the first thing that will catch his attention is the window. In this light, the homeowner is obligated to find the best sheer window curtains to cover the windows. These drapes are frequently being made a second choice especially when a fashionable and stylish material is on sale. However, a lot of people still want to purchase these curtains because of its multi-purpose functions.

Using a sheer curtain can give you an added benefit not only in terms of making the rooms look more radiant and welcoming but also when it comes to providing enough privacy during the time when you really need to take some rest. If you choose to install this type of window treatment, you have to use a double-curtain pole with a drape that will be positioned on the outer pole and the sheer curtains at the rear.

You do not have to be a professional home decorator, in order to set up an aesthetic look for your home. By purchasing the most suitable sheer curtains, you can easily make any room elegant, conventional or unconventional. The most important thing is for the windows not to be left uncovered. Take note that people seldom leave their windows without curtains so you should always make it a point to search the online stores for the right brand and style.

Always make sure that the shade and the design of the curtain matches with the general appearance of the room. It is not good to have what most people would say “clashing of colors” when it comes to your choice of window coverings. A perfect example would be a room that is purely masculine in terms of wall color; sofa prints and wall decors will not be in harmony with a window curtain that has a shade of pink. That will be a total mismatch!

Select from an assortment of sheer curtains that you can find online. Having the right material will provide enough brightness and comfortable atmosphere to your room. Some of the patterns that you can buy are Priscilla, scarf, panel and Austrian. If you want to have a “feminine touch” for your room then the Priscilla will be more suitable, but if wish to provide a more colorful and dynamic look for the place, it is suggested that you purchase the scarf curtains.

A sheer panel usually creates an informal look, but the best thing about the material is that it actually allows natural sunlight to fill the home notwithstanding the fact that you have drawn the sheers closer to each other. This is perhaps the main explanation why a lot of people are still crazy in buying this kind of window curtains. If you want to accentuate on the feeling of luxury and formality for your homes, then the Austrian design is more proper.


Yoga Clothing, More Than Just A Style

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The purpose of practicing yoga is to foster flexibility, stress relief, and relaxation. In other words, this means that the clothing you choose to wear while practicing yoga should be able to help you to achieve these goals. Proper and suitable yoga attire should be comfortable, breathable, and also allow you to move freely in various poses. This is because clothes that are too tight will restrict your movement and will not allow full range of mobility that is required by yoga poses. Thus, loose-fitting clothes as well as stretchy leotard type outfits are the most suitable as yoga outfits as they will allow you a full range of motion as needed.

As we all know, even though yoga is a low impact and relaxing exercise, one will still need the necessary support when practicing yoga. Women are advised to put on comfortable and supportive sports bra while anyone with joint problems should wear some type of joint support. It is also recommended to wear dry-fit clothing that assists to absorb or keep away moisture because it is possible to sweat if doing any challenging poses. For a yoga beginner, it will be good to consider wearing shorts instead of yoga pants so you can see your feet, ankles, and knees and learn how to properly align them while practicing.

There are many people who find yoga enjoyable because it helps to build self-esteem and boost self-image. It is natural for one to want to look the part and feel good in your yoga clothes, but do skip the fancy form-fitting outfits that will cause restriction or limitations in your movement. This is essential as it will prevent one from learning the correct and important breathing techniques. Nevertheless, it is also possible for one to look great and trendy in just a pair of comfy sweat and top. No matter how chic you want your clothes to be, please make sure that comfort is your number one priority in choosing the right yoga attire.

I do know of some people who wear shoes while practicing yoga. It is either by choice or because the class requires it. The selection criteria for picking up the right yoga shoes should be the same things you have in mind as for your yoga clothes, which are comfort and flexibility. Yoga shoes that are too rigid will not be able to give you the full range of motion needed to master especially challenging yoga poses. Please do remember to, make sure your feet can flex in all directions when trying on any yoga shoes and that there are no points that pinch, or hurt your feet in any way.

All in all, yoga is about total mind and body fitness. There is nothing that will make you feel better than looking your best while you tone and flex your body. The right way is to balance between enjoying the comfort attire as well as able to experience all the benefits of yoga with full range of motion.


Wedding Dress Necklines

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Choosing the dress for your wedding day is likely to be the biggest decision regarding an item of clothing you will ever make in your life and with so many wedding dresses out there to choose from it can be somewhat overwhelming too. An array of colours, shapes and styles are available to the brides of today with one particular type of look chosen by many of late. The strapless wedding dress has featured on many catwalks and in turn on to the High Street where many ladies have decided to wear this look for their special day. However it’s time for strapless dresses to move over and make way for some refreshing new necklines.

From straps, sleeves and asymmetrical styles, each part of your dress is an important feature. The neckline has the ability to transform your overall look and brings the eye up towards your face. Here we describe the differing options of necklines.

Strapless – A common neckline chosen by many brides, this gown has no straps or sleeves. Many top heavy brides may feel self conscious and avoid trying on these types of wedding dresses, however in the right underwear and particularly in corset or lace back dresses you will be quite amazed at the lift and support they create.

Halter – Great for small or medium busted brides and especially athletic brides, this gown has two straps that fasten behind the neck.

Sweetheart – This popular design is the same shape as the top of a heart. It suits many body shapes and enhances the cleavage.

V-neck – This neckline is often with straps be it wide or slim and dips down into a point which can be as wide or as narrow as you desire. Whilst elongating the neckline it also creates an illusion of a smaller bust.

Asymmetrical – A contemporary and fashionable look at the moment that has been seen on many of the designers collections. It features a one shoulder strap or detailing.

Bateau – A good choice for narrow shoulders and smaller bustlines this wide necked shape follows the curve of your collarbone, usually to the edge of the shoulders.

Cowl neck – Seen on many column wedding dresses this loosely draped fabric neckline is great on tall brides. You choose how high or, if you want to flaunt a bit of skin, how low you want the neckline to sit.

Jewel – A style chosen at several celebrity weddings this high neck wedding dress sits high on the top of your collarbone. It can give an illusion of a larger bust.

High Collar – This sit high up covering the neck with a band like collar, it is also known as a Mandarin.

Scoop neck – Often called a Ballerina shape this is a round necked wedding dress that is a U like shape and is flattering on virtually all brides.

Square neck – Fancy showing off your well blessed bust? This neckline is cut straight across the front and is a very flattering shape on larger busted brides.

Off the Shoulder – Popular in the 90’s wedding era this neckline is great for creating an even silhouette – ideal for those ladies that are a pear shape. It sits just off the shoulders with a short cap-like sleeve that covers a small part of the arm.

Spaghetti Straps – Ideal if you are looking for a more casual wedding dress style, these gowns feature very thin shoulder straps.

Portrait – Expose your neck, decolletage and face with this elegant neckline. Featuring a wide scoop from shoulder to shoulder it is idea for making small or broad shoulders more in harmony with the rest of your body shape.


The History Of Your Wedding Dress

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When planning your wedding, although there is an incredibly long list of things to do both big and small, but luckily the big things are actually quite few in number. You need a venue, a caterer, a wedding photographer, a cake, wedding outfits and some flowers. Those are the big spends, so you know once you have got those sorted out, you’re almost done. Interestingly, many of the decisions you are making for your wedding have years of history and tradition behind them. In particular, most of us know that brides haven’t always worn a white wedding dress, but do you know when it started and why?

Before Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840, women usually got married in their best dress, whatever colour it was. After the Queen’s wedding to Albert of Saxe-Coburg when she chose a white dress rather than the traditionally royal colour silver, the wedding dress colour of choice gradually became white. In fact by 1849 a popular book on etiquette was already saying that “Custom has decided, from the earliest ages, that white is the most fitting hue,” so it was already attaining the status of a tradition despite being a relatively new trend! It was already being described as symbolising the purity and innocence of the bride.

Despite this new tradition many brides simply could not afford to buy a new dress, or even the fabric to make one, just for their wedding day. Particularly not in such an impractical colour as white! The majority continued to celebrate their marriage in their best Sunday frock. When the Industrial Revolution hit, and department stores started arriving in towns, it began to be possible for the average woman to buy a new dress for her wedding, and knowing it was traditional, they often chose white.

Nowadays, while women still feel that white is traditional, you can get married in anything you want! Traditionally styled wedding dresses come in a range of colours from the subtley off white shades of ivory or cream, through a variety of pastel shades, to more daring bold colours, even red and black. My wedding dress was gold and I certainly felt like a princess wearing it. It is important to wear something that makes you feel special, whatever colour it is, but you should also consider the theme of your wedding and the venue (you don’t want your dress to clash with the carpet!), as well as how photographic your wedding dress is. If possible, discuss your ideas with your wedding photographer. White dresses look stunning in black and white photographs, but dramatically coloured dresses obviously look better in colour. The colour of your dress may also affect the type of lighting your photographer chooses.


Green Clothing Care – Chemicals in Fabric and Clothing Processing and Laundry Products

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To care for green clothing in a “green” way, you first would do well to understand some basic information about how traditional (and sometimes, even green) clothing is processed and treated. This is even more important if you are seeking green clothing that is organic in every way, so you will know what to look for before you purchase laundry care products. You will find that green clothing may need to be cared for differently because of the way it is processed. Surprisingly, you may find more chemicals in your green clothing than you think you might.

Sometimes clothing is called “green,” even though it may not be organic due to chemicals or synthetics that may have been applied throughout the creation and production process, and this has an effect on later care once it is in your closet. For example, you may have an organic cotton fiber that has been combined with chemically treated other natural fibers to gain certain characteristics in the fabric. It is still all natural, but not necessarily all organic, and not chemical-free.

A bit of history about perm press clothing and why it was developed: at some point, you may have purchased what’s known as permanent press, which is more easily cared for clothing that retains creases and resists wrinkles. In fact, this was considered an advancement over clothing without it, since in modern times, people have been looking for easier ways to do things, including taking care of their clothes.

But what some may not know is that in order to achieve these characteristics, a chemical called formaldehyde was added to the processing, which changed the nature of the fibers in the clothes to keep it more wrinkle-free. Formaldehyde is a toxic solution used in explosives, industrial applications such as adhesives, paints, and insulation, and embalming. It has been found in bath products, and foods, among other products. Formaldehyde is thought to be carcinogenic.

The use of formaldehyde has lessened over the years, but it is still an ingredient in permanent press, along with a host of other chemicals such as softening and dying agents. The health effects of such chemicals are well known, and includes lung dysfunction, irritation of the breathing passages and skin, organ and system failure, decreased learning and brain function, eye and vision problems, and others. Some of these chemicals have also found their way into processing other fabrics as well.

The overload of chemicals we have in our homes in some cases have made some people chemical sensitive, necessitating them to remove as many chemicals as possible to minimize negative, cumulative effects. Adding to the chemical load are the chemical additives used to create and process clothing, including the ever-increasing use of nanoparticles which are added to protect fabric from wrinkling, stains, and even bacteria and fungus control. Use of nanotechnology is a newer technology whose long-term effects are not completely known.

Even if your clothes are completely organic with no chemicals used in processing, what are you using when you wash, spot-treat, or iron them? Do you use popular laundry detergent and fabric softeners? They often have fragrances that include substances proven to be detrimental to the earth, and to human health.

If you are concerned, do a little research on your favorite products, their ingredients, and how they may affect your family. Many of us have friends and family members who cannot use certain products due to resulting headaches, breathing problems, or skin sensitivities. Using environmentally friendly products on your clothes will help assure you that you are providing the best care you can for your green clothes and your family.

Note: in some cases, even some natural, organic fragrances may not agree with some family members. Check labels for details and choose those best for your loved ones.

For your clothes that can only be dry cleaned, do some research on “wet” cleaning and cleaning that uses CO2, which are chemical-free.

So, rest assured, whether you wash or dry clean, you can take care of all your green clothing cleaning needs through a little research, and care exercised in the products you choose.